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500 study hours and follow-up classes from the World’s greatest Chefs.


University Formative Credits

25 formative credits may be gained and recognised in one of our degree courses.



A guaranteed internship at one of Heinz Beck’s starred restaurants.


Personalised Programme

You are offered the opportunity to design and personalise your programme supervised by Heinz Beck.

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Tax Credit

In view of the current restrictive provisions concerning the “Coronavirus health Emergency, all individuals operating as professional Chefs in hotels and restaurants, both as employees and as self-employed workers in possession of a valid VAT number, irrespective whether in possession of the ATECO code, are entitled to a tax credit of up to 40 per cent on the cost for purchase of durable capital goods, incurred between January 1st, 2021 and June 30th2021, as well as for participation in professional training courses, intrinsically instrumental for the performance of the activities. For further information, please contact the toll-free number 800 721212 or call +39/3756285909, or send an email to


Course Coordinator

Heinz Beck

The distance course in Successful catering business, experiences and competencies aims to provide fundamental instruments to those who work in the field, to improve internal processes and enhance operational efficiency in order to obtain a prestigious recognition in the world of catering, supervised by the starred chef Heinz Beck.

The first distance vocational training course to become professionals in food and catering services through an ever-stronger connection between knowledge and processing of raw materials, creative skills and competencies of economic, organisational and managerial nature.

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Modules Contents
From the creation to the composition: food presentation Developing a dish
Food design
Food Photography
Food Storytelling
Cultural culinary history and nutrition: knowledge and food identification Modular Diet
Nutrition and food allergies
Meat: white, red and poultry
Vegetables, legumes and cereals
Soup plates, bouillon and sauces
Fish, crustacean and shellfish
Seasonal recipes
Herbs and spices
Cooking technique
Unconventional cuisine
Worldwide cuisines
Modern pastry menus Pastry: creams
Whipped toppings
Plate dessert
Restaurant Management Waiters and their evolution over time
Study of commodities: coffee and tea sets
Mise en place at Restaurant
The Customer
Table manners: from informal dinners to formal events
Catering costs
Food Cost
Team Building e Leadership
Catering marketing plan Menu Engineering
Menu Pricing
Storage space management
Catering marketing
Circular food economy

Educational offer

Degree courses

Vocational training courses

Successful Catering Business, Experiences and Competencies

25 formative credits

3-year Bachelor’s Degree Course

Gastronomy, Hospitality and Territories

180 formative credits
€4.000 academic year
120 formative credits
€3.000 academic year
180 formative credits
€3.000 academic year